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Saving for Future Needs and Dreams


Jennifer Strauss has big dreams for her ABLEnow account. She aspires to be a public speaker and travel.

“I can see myself speaking out about the effects of bullying. I was emotionally bullied when I was young,” says Jennifer.

Life hasn’t been easy. Jennifer knows how much it hurts to be picked on and called names. Having mosaic Down syndrome gives Jennifer a passion to build awareness for her disability wherever she goes.

As a Nothing Down Ambassador, Jennifer works to help change the way the world views Down syndrome. She creates and shares awareness videos on social media; some of which have thousands of views. Jennifer moved from Florida to Wisconsin a few years ago to live closer to family. She’s an active member of her new community and enjoys educating people about Down syndrome. Jennifer loves to empower youth to not let any limits hold them back.

As an advocate for inclusion, Jennifer knows how important it is for people with disabilities to participate in every aspect of life to the fullest extent possible. She was thrilled to open her ABLEnow account in September 2018. Having her own account means Jennifer can finally save for her future needs and find ways to pursue her dreams.

While she hasn’t spent any of the money in her new ABLEnow account, Jennifer has a plan. She knows exactly where she will travel when she has enough funds. “I grew up in Florida and I miss my friends. I want to go visit them.”

When Jennifer is not speaking up or volunteering, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, reading books, listening to music and watching wrestling.

ABLEnow is proud to highlight customers and share how ABLE accounts help them dream, save and achieve. Complete the Ambassador Application today to tell us how ABLEnow is making an impact in your life. Ambassadors who are selected to share their story will receive a $100 contribution to their account.

Jennifer Strauss is a compensated ambassador for the ABLEnow program. Her experience as an account owner may not be representative of other account owners.

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