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Meet ABLEnow Customer: Jeremiah


Jeremiah Goska first heard about ABLEnow at a Virginia high school transition fair hosted by the Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired.

As a self-advocate, he’s well aware of the financial challenges so many people with disabilities faced prior to the availability of ABLE accounts. Jeremiah was five years old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor left him blind and paralyzed on his right side.

“I save in an ABLE account because on disability, you can’t have much,” said Jeremiah. “ABLEnow accounts are a way of keeping my benefits and money safe, and saving it up for something I may need.”

After having an ABLEnow account for more than two years, Jeremiah describes the program as empowering. He can prepare for his future more independently, without relying on someone else to manage his money. Jeremiah encourages other eligible individuals to look into the benefits of ABLEnow and consider opening an account.

He has big goals. Eventually, Jeremiah hopes to get a place of his own.

“Because I’m blind, I would need public transportation,” explains Jeremiah. “As I continue to save, I’m looking for the best area in my community to live.”

ABLEnow is proud to highlight customers like Jeremiah and share how ABLE accounts help them dream, save and achieve. Complete the Ambassador Application today to tell us how ABLEnow is making an impact in your life. Ambassadors who are selected to share their story will receive a $100 contribution to their account.

Jeremiah Goska is a compensated ambassador for the ABLEnow program. His experience as an account owner may not be representative of other account owners.

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