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Laura Testimonial

Video Transcript

Laura:        Before ABLEnow was available, I wasn't able to save in order to keep the services and supports that I need for health and independent living.

Laura:        I'm eligible for the ABLEnow account because I was born with a physical disposability and it's called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, and that means a lack of muscle mass.

Laura:        For somebody with a disability, an ABLEnow account is a great opportunity to finally save money, and it's something that didn't exist years ago, and now the option is there and we can use it for our independence and our futures.

Laura:        I use my ABLEnow card when I'm out doing things such as grocery shopping, it is used like a debit card and the money comes right out of my account.

Laura:        The ABLEnow program means that I can be independent, I can live in my community and have the support system available in my own home. And it also means that I am empowered for my future because I can save money now.

Laura:        ABLEnow makes me feel really excited, and I am happy that I can have an account just like anybody else.