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Christian Testimonial

Video Transcript

Christian:        My wife and I opened an ABLEnow account for our son Michael, who is six months old and has Down Syndrome. Part of the reason why we're taking advantage of the ABLEnow account is to help Michael save for some of the unknown expenses that come further in life. You can only control what you can control, and being able to set this money aside and know that it's there and be available for them, to help with those unplanned situations, takes a lot of weight off us.

Christian:        My wife and I have other children, and we're able to save for them through 529s as well as other types of accounts. However for Michael, ABLEnow gave us another avenue where we could set money aside for him, but not jeopardize a lot of his future benefits down the road.

Christian:        Once we found out about ABLEnow, there really wasn't much to discuss. It was a really simple process. We were able to get started with just a few dollars, and it was kind of a no-brainer. We know that Michael is going to need the money later on in life, so why not start now?