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August is #ABLEtoSave Month


ABLEnow® is partnering with the ABLE National Resource Center to promote financial security for people with disabilities as a sponsor of this year’s #ABLEtoSave month campaign.

The campaign offers information and resources about the ease, use and significance of ABLE accounts for people with disabilities, a topic made more important now than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the disability community. Campaign materials are available on the #ABLEtoSave website.

“#ABLEtoSave month is an opportunity for the eight million eligible people with disabilities, and their family members and supporters, to learn how ABLE accounts can improve their quality of life through increased financial stability,” said Miranda Kennedy, Director of the ABLE National Resource Center. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, ABLE accounts offer people with disabilities the opportunity to build a financial resource and exercise financial flexibility when many programs and services they count on are being cut or reduced.”

The campaign is sponsored by the two national ABLE programs administered by Virginia — the direct-sold ABLEnow program and the financial advisor-sold ABLEAmerica® program. #ABLEtoSave is expected to have widespread participation from major national disability groups, financial institutions and other stakeholders. The ABLE National Resource Center is founded and managed by National Disability Institute.

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