Michael Ribadeneyra, M.D.

Father to Abbie in Shelby, NC

Michael is a family physician and proud father of Abbie, a 17-year-old with mild cerebral palsy. ABLEnow serves a vital role in Abbie's present and future financial well-being. Not only can Abbie and her family use the funds for immediate and near-future expenses, but the account serves as a way to save and invest without jeopardizing her participation in federally supported programs like Medicaid. They are grateful that Abbie can use the funds in her ABLEnow account for a variety of needs including basic living expenses, housing, transportation, education and adaptive essentials such as her ankle-foot orthotics (AFOs). Michael researched ABLE programs offered across the country and chose ABLEnow based on the low fees, enhanced features such as the ABLEnow Card, and the outstanding reputation of Virginia529, the agency which administers the program.

Ambassadors are provided funds from ABLEnow in the form of a contribution to their ABLEnow account in exchange for sharing their experiences and opinions.