Margaret Crowe

Mother to Lilly in Stafford, VA

After serving more than 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, Margaret retired to better advocate for her daughter Lilly, an eight-year-old diagnosed with autism as well as other special needs. Margaret is now a special education teacher and a doctorate student studying Educational Leadership who passionately believes in preserving and protecting the dignity and the rights of the special needs community. After navigating services for Lilly, Margaret works to help other families find the resources that best meet their needs. One of the greatest fears she often hears from other parents is “what will happen to my child after I die.” Margaret tracked the ABLE Act since its inception, and now recommends ABLEnow accounts to others. She’s excited to have the ability to save for Lilly’s future without the worry of taking away her eligibility for certain government assistance as an adult.

Ambassadors are provided funds from ABLEnow in the form of a contribution to their ABLEnow account in exchange for sharing their experiences and opinions.