Laura Robb

Self-Advocate and Writer in Suffolk, VA

Laura’s ABLEnow account gives her the opportunity to save and manage a savings account on her own for the first time. She was born with a physical disability—arthrogryposis multiplex congenita—which affects her arms and legs. Laura needs help with the tasks of daily living, but she considers her obstacles as opportunities to problem solve. After high school, Laura attended and graduated from college away from home. She’s worked part-time jobs, writes and shares her thoughts on her website, ABLEnow empowers Laura to consider what independence could look like and how to get there. She’s using her ABLEnow account to save for her future, including graduate school. She hopes to become a life coach to help others conquer their obstacles.

Ambassadors are provided funds from ABLEnow in the form of a contribution to their ABLEnow account in exchange for sharing their experiences and opinions.